Creating Ads

If you’re interested in tailoring your ads more precisely to the user, please take note of which pages the ads are placed on. We’ll go over ideas on the ad copy page.

  • 160×600 – User Messages
  • 300×250 – Profile Pages
  • 110×80 – Displayed on the remaining pages on the site, such as the inbox, matches, search etc…
  • 310×110 – Same as the 110×80’s
  • 728×90 – Same as the 110×80’s, except for the inbox and only shows when the CPM for this one banner exceeds the combined bid of 3 110×80’s or 3 310×110’s.

Ad Copy

If you’re needing help or direction with your ad copy, look no further. I give detailed help on what you should include in your title and description with a nice list of example titles and descriptions you can split test. I break down how the dynamic tags work on POF and give examples of their usage. I even give you the ad copy that has earned me 90% of my affiliate income over the past 3 years. Yes, one ad copy is responsible for most of my income. Do you want to know what it is?


Are you short on creatives? I’ve posted a near endless supply of female creatives and a large selection of male creatives. They range from ones I’ve found searching the Internet and even the same ones I’ve used primarily over the last year and a half to make money. Don’t you wanna know what creatives I’ve used?

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