Ad Copy

When you’re creating your ad on POF you’re allowed to name your ad and you can do so for tracking and optimization purposes, but with POF’s new {creativeid:} dynamic insertion tag, it’s not necessary. Your creative name is limited to 32 characters.


Your headline is also limited to only 32 characters. Other than your picture, this is the next most critical part of your ad. You want to pull the user in and convince them to read the description. It’s a common practice to ask a question here. My favorite one to use is “Want a Girlfriend?” If you can call out user attributes from your niche targeting, it would be a good idea to do that here to really get the user’s attention.


This is where you want to sell your user and you only have 128 characters to do it. With that said, my favorite descriptions are short and straight to the point. My most-used description is Single women in {state:your state} are looking for guys. Sign up and meet them tonight!. This includes the call to action that is required in every ad copy. It tells the user what you need them to do so you can get a conversion.

Again, if you’re doing any type of niche targeting or using an angle in your campaign, you’ll want to include anything and everything possible to make the ad more personable. For example if it’s a christian dating campaign, say something like, Looking to date A Man of God? Sign up today! The better you are at this, the higher your CTR will be.

In your description POF requires you to have some kind of call to action, to separate it and make it clear to the user that your ad is not part of POF’s site. A call to action or CTA is something like, Signup Now, Register Today, etc…

If you want more help with ad copy I suggest you pick up and read a copy of Drew Whitman’s Ca$hvertising. It is an amazing book on writing effective sales copy. There’s a summary post over on WickedFire about Ca$hvertising. Give it a read. It’s worth your while.

Placement Ideas

As promised, we’re gonna go through the list of placements of the different banner sizes and how you can take advantage of their placements. I’ve copied the breakdown from the creating ads page and included additional commentary. If you’re using the IAB’s you’ll have to add text to the creative using Photoshop or your preferred image-editing application. Also when using IABs, you won’t be able to use the dynamic insertion variables that I discuss further down this page.

  1. 160×600 – User Messages – Refer to the message the user is reading. Discount the message and play up the site you’re advertising.

    • Is this girl boring you with her conversation? Start talking to our exciting members who meet each other more often than POF users.
    • Does this girl even know how to type? Start talking to intelligent individuals tonight.
  2. 300×250 – Profile Pages – This placement is right next to the users pictures, so take advantage of that.
    • ← (arrows are good) Is this girl even hot? Our members have been consistently voted the hottest users online.
    • ←Is she your “type”? We have the most diverse member base online. You’re guaranteed to find a girlfriend.
  3. 110×80 – Displayed on the remaining pages on the site, such as the inbox, matches, search etc… You have numerous angles you can take with this placement.
    • Inbox – Not getting any messages? or No messages again? Our members are more likely to respond than a POF user.
    • Matches – Tired of not finding your MATCH? Use our revolutionary matching system to find a girlfriend tonight!
    • Searches – Are these searches not finding you the girls you want? Try searching our members. Our girls are sexier.
  4. 310×110 – Same as the 110×80’s – Since these are on the same pages as the 110’s, you’ll want to take the same angles.
  5. 728×90 – Same as the 110×80’s, except for the inbox and only shows when the CPM for this one banner exceeds the combined bid of 3 110×80’s or 3 310×110’s. Again, since these are on same pages as the 110’s, use the same angles, except for the inbox angle since these don’t appear on the inbox page.

Dynamic tags

One of the most important keys to writing your ads on POF is to take advantage of their dynamic tags. It’ll allow you to personalize your ads down to the exact gender, age and state your user lives in. I’ll cover them completely below, but if you want to you can download POF Getting Started Guide. They’re discussed on page 6.

You have to be extremely careful when you’re using these tags. Each character that you use creating the tag takes up space while you’re writing your ad. And then, if the dynamic content is longer than the tag you’re creating, and you’re right at the character limit, your entire ad copy might get cut short.

For all the examples below we’ll be targeting a 28 year old male that lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States. If the user didn’t specify that attribute in their profile or while signing up, the default value will be shown instead. The default value is the value after the colon.

  • Tag Format: {gender:default value}
  • Example: {gender:male}
  • Usage: Are you a {gender:male}? Are you tired of dating skanks? Signup to to find a real, trustworthy woman tonight!
  • User Sees: Are you a male? Are you tired of dating skanks? Signup to to find a real, trustworthy woman tonight!
  • Tag Format: {age:default value}
  • Example: {age:26}
  • Usage: We have very few guys that are {age:28} years old. If this is you, signup to and start meeting girls.
  • User Sees: We have very few guys that are 28 years old. If this is you, signup to and start meeting girls.
  • Tag Format: {state:default value}
  • Example: {state:your state}
  • Usage: Single women in {state:your state} are looking for guys. Sign up and meet them tonight!
  • User Sees: Single women in Oklahoma are looking for guys. Sign up and meet them tonight!

When you create your ad in POF it will be assigned a Creative ID. You can see this value when by logging into your account, clicking on the name of one of your campaigns and it’ll be right above the number of delivered impressions. You can place {creativeid:} in your tracking links to know exactly which ad copy and description are converting for you.

Dating Ad Copy Examples

Here are some headlines and descriptions to get you started. A lot of people want to hate, but the Want a Girlfriend? Find one tonight on Sign up now! combination has worked successfully for me for the last couple years. Of course the headlines and descriptions below are just to get your creative gears going. If you’re doing a niche campaign or taking an angle, you’ll obviously have a lot different ad copy to use.

Dating Headlines

Boyfriend wanted
Chat with Women Now!
Find a Date
Find A Date Tonight?
Find hot girls now!
Find more Girls
Find More Girls Tonight
Find more girls tonight on Be2!
Girlfriend Wanted
Going out this Weekend?
Going out tonight?
Looking for Women?
Meet girls tonight
Meet more Girls
Meet More Women
Need a Boyfriend?
Need a date?
Need a Girlfriend?
Need More Girlfriends?
Single Available Women
Single Boys
Single Girls
Single Men
Single Women
Want a Boyfriend?
Want a Cuddle Buddy?
Want a Cutty Buddy?
Want a Girlfriend?
Want a REAL MAN?
Want to Meet More Girls?

Dating Descriptions

Single women in {state:your state} are looking for guys. Sign up and meet them tonight!
Are you going out tonight? Want to find some girls to go with you? Find your date on SmartDate!
Are you interested in meeting more women? Signup on SmartDate and find them now!
Are you looking for a date tonight? Signup to SmartDate and find one now!
Do you want to meet more girls? Find the prettiest single women on SmartDate!
Find a boyfriend tonight on!
Find a caring man who’s willing ot be a Father Figure to your child. Signup tonight!
Find a girlfriend tonight on!
Find attractive, single men in {state:YOUR STATE} who will respect your kids.
Are you {age:30-34} and live in {STATE:YOUR STATE} want to find a man who LOVES children! Sign up today!
Find attractive, single women ready to meet you tonight
Find one tonight on Be2!
Find one tonight using!Install the AreYouInterested app and find a boyfriend tonight!
Install the AreYouInterested app and find one tonight!
Install the Flirt app and find one tonight!
Get a good looking girl tonight on!
Looking for single women? You can find them on SmartDate!
Need a pretty girl at your side? Find her on!
Sign up to Zoosk and find one tonight!
Signup to and start a webcam chat tonight!
The ladies are here, now we’re just waiting on you to come and join with them tonight
There are single women on Sign up and meet one tonight!
There are single, available women on SmartDate looking for guys like you. Sign up now!

Dating Snippets

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  1. Hey Riley,

    do you have an example of the 300×250 with arrows? For whatever reason they're the only ad types I'm not seeing on my POF account and I have no idea on how to place the arrow.


    • rileypool says:

      I haven't been using arrows in my creatives, so I don't have anything like that. The only time I've ever used arrows are on my PPV landers. If you look online there's gotta be some tutorials on how to put arrows in your creatives. I'm not a Photoshop guy either, I use a knockoff called Fireworks.

  2. Hi,

    I thought you couldn't make any references to POF in ads, you mentioned it in example A

    • rileypool says:

      Hey Jason,

      There are numerous examples on this page, so I'm not sure which one you're referring to. A lot of these I was just writing on the fly, so there may be some that wouldn't be okay with POF. But yes, you're right, you can't reference POF in your ads.

  3. Hi Riley,

    Under dating descriptions,
    “Are you {age:30-34} and live in {STATE:YOUR STATE} want to find a man who LOVES children! Sign up today!”
    Can’t you have the {age:30-34} set as {age:your age}? So, let’s say you are targeting individuals by the age 30-34 in your criteria, wouldn’t it be safe to put the tag as {age:your age}?

  4. In “C” above (the 110×80 ads), you mention these placements are in inbox, matches, searches, etc. Is there a way to just have your ads show up on one of those page types? For example, if you use the “No Messages” angle, can you choose to have that show up only on the inbox pages?

    If not, do you just use those angles knowing they will be more relevant on some pages than others?

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