Now that we’ve got our ad copy figured out, let’s find some creatives to use. There are now three different options for advertising. You can advertise using their 110×80 placements, the newly available 310×110 placements or the IAB placements. With IAB placements you have three different banner sizes available to you, 160×600, 300×250 and 728×90. IAB placements are only available after you’ve deposited $1000 into your POF account. I’ve found the most success using 300×250’s, 160×600’s and 728×90’s, in that order. There have been some pretty creative uses made of the IAB placements along with case studies that are discussed in external case studies.

POF is pretty lackadaisical when it comes to their creative guidelines, but they do have some guidelines we have to follow. I’ve pasted their guidelines for Ad Copy and Content below.

Ad Copy and Image Content

  1. Ads must directly relate to the content on the landing page.
  2. Ads must clearly represent the company, product, or brand that is being advertised.
  3. Ads cannot insult, harass, or threaten a user.
  4. Ads cannot contain audio that plays automatically, without a user’s interaction.
  5. Ads may not use ANY celebrity images or logos, unless the celebrity is a PAID spokesperson of that product.
  6. Ads may not have any images, logos or references back to corporate companies such as Google, Twitter or other corporations.
  7. Ads may not use overly sexual imagery to engage a user.
  8. Images should not be grotesque in any way.
  9. No references to PlentyOfFish can appear in any ad copy.
  10. Keep all text on ad, if any, as clear as possible.
  11. Advertisers must own the rights to the image they are using (ie. no watermarked or copy righted images)
  12. Ads must not appear to be written in the first person.
  13. Ads must not contain excessive cleavage.

IAB Templates & Examples

I’ve included numerous IAB templates in all three different banner sizes that I’ve used over the past three years. Just pick a picture of a girl and throw it in the whitespace of the template. I’ve provided you example IAB creatives to show you exactly what I’m talking about.

Female Creatives

A large portion of these creatives are NSFW, so consider them all NSFW.

More Female Creatives

Consider all of these links NSFW.

Male Creatives

More Male Creatives



  1. Some of the zip files contain NSFW images. It would be good to completely separate and mark those as such.

  2. Hello. First of all, please excuse my ignorance as I am new to advertising, however I am struggling with some of the acronyms that you are using IAB?? NSFW?? I am getting a bit bogged down with some of the terminology. Any enlightenment would be greatly appreciated (I have tried Googling them but I am still none the wiser). Cheers, Jennifer

    • Yes that would really help. I am also confused.


    • Hey Jennifer,

      No worries, it’s very overwhelming when new to the industry.

      IAB is short for Interactive Advertising Bureau. They set guidelines for advertising creatives, such as size, type, format, etc… You can read more about the IAB on their website at but that may just confuse you more.

      NSFW is short for Not Safe For Work. Their are problably scantily clad males or females and if you’re at a day job, I wouldn’t recommend opening those pictures.

      Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. One of my best friends got married so I was tied up all weekend with wedding stuff. If you have any more questions, let me know! I’ll be happy to answer them.

      • Thanks very much Riley.

        I am getting a bit disheartened in that I have been running some campaigns. They have been running for a couple of weeks and I am getting some clicks but no conversions. There does not seem to be any consistency with the ads that are clicked – what I mean is I can not say that one picture has more success than another, and the same with the ad copy. I have been tweaking (not very scientific I know), and removing the ads with the lowest CTR. By raising my bids I get more clicks but still no joy with conversions. I am slightly concerned that when I test the links (I am in the UK) they do not work – I contacted the AM and he says that I probably have an International Redirect as the offers are aimed at the US.

        Any help greatly appreciated.


        • Try split testing offers. Also, don’t split test too much information at once. You’ll get confused with all the data you’ll receive.

          How many clicks are you talking about? 5, 10, 50, 100?

          My suggestion is start with a niche angle, such as BBW or Single Moms. The single moms niche has done well for me in the past.

  3. How many ad variations per campaign should I start out with? For example, I have 4 headlines and 3 ad copies. Combine that with 20 images, that is a large number of ads. Is that the wrong approach?

    • That sounds great, but that’s 240 ad variations and would require a nice chunk of change to properly test. I would recommend starting with 2-3 headlines, 2-3 ad copies and 5 images max. I would take it a step further and only test 2-3 headlines, 1 ad copy and 5 images to start with. Once you figure out which headline works best, then you use the best headline, combine it with 2-3 ad copies and 5 more images. Once you figure out which headline and ad copy works best, then I would start testing 10-20 images at a time.

  4. Do you have a good resource for 40+ offers – especially for the 50+ clients? These images mainly seem to fit 20-35. Just wondering.

    • Hey Chris, I actually do have a handful of older images. I’ll email you a link, as well as post the creatives for everybody to use.

  5. Hussien says:

    Hi Riley,

    Do you have any particular recommendation for a PoF ad cloaker?

    I find it’s really hard to get’s some offers approved so I really want to redirect my traffic

    • I do not. I have never used a cloaker on POF. However, I do recommend that you use a script to always control your outbound links.

  6. <3333333333 Thanks

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