Scaling Your Campaigns

If you’re trying to scale your $10/day campaign into a $100/day campaign there are a number of strategies you can employ on POF to achieve your goals. Depending on how you’ve setup your campaign, I’ve included 11 different ways to scale on POF.

Bidding Scalability

This is by far the most simplest way to scale your campaign. Since POF’s algorithm rewards the highest bidder you can always increase your bid to get more traffic. Just don’t bid yourself out of profitability.

Frequency Cap Scalability

This is a tough trick to master if you’re wanting to scale your campaign. You will get more impressions, but you more than likely will sacrifice your CTR, so be careful when playing with your frequency cap. Your hoping that by increasing your frequency cap, users who haven’t already clicked your ads will now click them in the next few times your ad is displayed to them.

Targeting Angle Scalability

This is kinda tough to explain, but I’ll take a couple recent campaigns I ran and show you how I scaled them and a couple other campaign ideas and how to scale them to give you a better idea of what I’m talking about.

  • I was targeting singles parents by targeting people who answered Yes on the Has Children criteria. I then scaled it to the people who answered Prefer Not to Say.
  • I was promoting and targeting women who had an income of Less than $25,000. Once I got it profitable I scaled it to people who had incomes of $25,001-$35,000, $35,001-$50,000 and $50,000 – $75,000.
  • If you’re targeting high school kids for a scholarship offer, you might also want to target older college students (21-23) who are about to graduate and go to graduate college or law school.
  • If you’re targeting higher education people with a Bachelors Degree and telling them to meet other single people with a bachelors degree, scale this to Masters Degrees, PhD’s and even people with Some College.
  • Placement Scalability

    POF offers many different types of placements. They offer 110×80’s, 310×110’s, 728×90’s and 300×250’s. If you’re profitable with any of your campaigns test out all of their other placements and try to get those placements profitable as well to squeeze out every last penny of your campaign.

    If I’m not mistaken, POF does have some unsold inventory, or inventory they let Adwords resell. If you’ve scaled to all those different placements and still want more traffic you can log on to Google Adwords and take advantage of the Placement Targeting on the Google Display Network. You have all kinds of ad sizes and formats available there, however the targeting options you’ll want to take advantage of do not exist on Adwords. But you’re on your own if you decide to advertise there. It’s a whole different monster over there! They are also quite picky about campaigns being ran and also have a little hate in their hearts, specifically for affiliates, so be careful.

    Campaign Duplication Scalability

    In October 2011, Ben made a blog post detailing a way to scale your campaign in a way that most people probably haven’t thought of. It’s a really novel idea and makes perfect sense. All you do is duplicate your campaign a few, or few thousand, times to make sure your ads have a much better chance of displaying than your competitor’s ads. For a more detailed explanation, check out the post on the POF Ads blog. I’ve included a link below.

    Beat your Competition By Duplicating Your Campaigns « Blog

    Country Scalability

    If your offer accepts traffic from countries other than the one you’re already advertising and you’re already profitable, what are you waiting for? Start advertising in all the countries your offer accepts traffic from. The most common example would be advertising a dating offer in the US offer that accepts traffic from one or more of the following countries, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Ireland or New Zealand. If it does, create a new campaign in every country that it accepts traffic from. There is usually less competition and cheaper traffic in those countries so your ROI may be even higher!

    Gender Scalability

    Most dating offers accept both, male and female traffic. If you’re only advertising a dating offer to males and you’re profitable, start advertising to the female demographic to make more money. There is usually less competition in the female demographic. Females usually equate to better traffic quality and I can almost guarantee your advertiser would love to see more female traffic. Sometimes the female payout is even higher!

    According to Quantcast, 54% of POF’s traffic is male and 46% is female. You could literally double your revenue by scaling to the opposite gender. That’s a lot of money you’re leaving on the table if you don’t!

    For example if you’re targeting a single parents offer and are profitable targeting single moms, don’t forget you can target single dads as well.

    Age Scalability

    This is another extremely easy way to scale your campaigns. If you’re targeting 25-29 year old males and you’re profitable, create separate campaigns to target 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-59 and 60+ year olds.

    If you’re sending high quality traffic and your offer allows it, you can scale to 18-24 year old demographic for awesome ROI, but you may be sacrificing the possibility of getting higher payouts. Please be aware that 18-24 year old demographic is notoriously horrible traffic quality for dating advertisers and enough of it will kicked off the offer.

    I’ve included a graphic from POF below that breaks down the traffic on POF by age.

    Session Depth Scalability

    A lot of advertisers, including myself, start out by targeting users with lower session depths. If you’re doing this, create a new campaign targeting higher session depths. The CTR’s and conversion rates will definitely be different, usually lower, but so is the cost of traffic, when it comes to higher session depths.

    Session Depth – Case Studies – Research –
    Session Depth (Revisited) – Case Studies – Research –

    Login Count Scalability

    Scaling your campaign using Login Count is real similar to scaling by Session Depth. According to POF, 85% of advertisers target users with a Login Count of less than 50. Users with a Login Count of less than 50 only account for 17% of POF’s traffic, so there is a ton of traffic available for you to scale to. For example, 30% of POF users have a Login Count of 550 or more. I’ve included a breakdown of traffic on POF by Login Count below. Use it to your advantage.

    POF Login Counts – Case Studies – Research –

    Login Count % of Traffic
    0-50 17%
    50-100 11%
    100-150 8%
    150-200 7%
    200-250 6%
    250-300 5%
    300-350 4%
    350-400 3%
    400-450 3%
    450-500 3%
    500-550 2%
    550+ 30%

    Ads Clicked Scalability

    This is another targeting criteria that I use quite frequently. If you’re excluding people who have clicked 5-19 or 20+ ads, create another campaign to target these users specifically. Just from my tests, I can tell there is a large amount of traffic available from users who have clicked 5-19 and 20+ ads.


  1. Hey man I am having a real TOUGH time getting traffic in Australia.

    I have increased my bids and decreased my targeting but still slow traffic. Is there too much competition here? and is the highest CPM bid you have seen for this country?


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