Getting Started

Before you ever launch your first campaign, there are a number of things you need to take care of. First, you’ll need to find a host and setup a self-hosted tracking solution. Secondly, you need to signup to a few reputable affiliate networks. Next, I highly suggest you become a member of a couple forums to ask for the advice and help of the other forum members. Some of the posts in these forums are invaluable. I know my first profitable campaign came from a forum post that I copied verbatim. I still use extremely similar campaigns to this day. Finally, you might want to look into some forms of automation to save you time. Automation is completely optional and isn’t necessary for newer affiliates.

Once you have all those items in place, let’s get started by registering for a advertiser account on POF. Once you’re there click the Register Here link below the login form.


The absolute first thing you must take care before you begin your career as an affiliate. Your hosting is mission critical to your success as an affiliate. A down server is the equivalent of you throwing away money when your ads are live.

DO NOT cut corners with your server. Get at least a VPS. I highly suggest against getting shared hosting for your tracking solution.


There are a number of free and paid tracking solutions available. Prosper202 is by far my favorite, followed by CPVLab. You can also use Bevo Media to track your campaigns, but I don’t have much experience that that platform. POF even offers their own conversion tracking solution for you to utilize.

Affiliate Networks

Choosing which affiliate networks you work with can make or break your career as an affiliate, even an experienced affiliate. I’ve included a list of networks that are highly respected and can be trusted to pay you on time.


A lot of people see forums as huge time wasters, but not all of them have been to these forums. Some of the campaigns, follow alongs and case studies posted in these paid forums are invaluable.


Time is money. If you’re looking to maximize your efficiency, use some of these automation tools. These tools aren’t required, but are extremely useful when setting up campgins with multiple ad copies and images.

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