These tools are not required, but can definitely help you make more money. Once you’re ready to start spending money to make money and are creating new campaigns daily, you’ll want to invest in some of these automation tools.

Mr. Green’s POF Ad Uploader

This is one of the best automation tools I’ve ever seen. It’s simple, easy to use and fast! You can easily upload hundreds of ads in just a couple minutes, literally. Split testing ad copies and images is really easy using this tool. You can even save the settings of your campaign and export it for use later. It will automatically append SubID’s to your creative name and tracking link to easily track each individual ad. I could go on and on about how great it is. You can also watch a walk-through of the tool below. This FireFox add-on has a one-time cost of $99 and includes free lifetime upgrades. If you do purchase this, please include my name in the comments of your order.

Buy Mr Green’s Plenty of Fish Ad Uploader
  1. Create 1000′s of ads in minutes. – Now you can work on your landing pages while the ad uploader is working in the background.
  2. Split test ad copies and images. – Since Plenty of Fish is based on CPM pricing, getting the right ad copy and image combination is key to keep CTRs up.
  3. Split test demographics. – It takes a lot of time to test different demographics when manually uploading ads. With Mr Green’s POF ad uploader, you can quickly test a range of demographics so you can easily find that perfect setting to get cheap clicks.
  4. Export/Import CSV files. – You can now save any campaigns you have previously run, and easily upload them when you wish.
  5. Subid generator. – Easily track which of your creatives are converting.
  6. No long loading times for ads to be generated – You don’t need to keep your browser open for long periods of time in order for ads to be loaded onto POF. It will take maximum 3 minutes.
  7. Blow competition out of the water! – Competition is was tough on POF. Now you can upload and test ads 100′s of times faster than your competitors.

Guide to installing and using Mr. Green’s POF Ad Uploader

Buy Mr Green’s Plenty of Fish Ad Uploader

POF Bulk Uploader

The POF Bulk Uploader is free for all advertisers on the POF platform. If you’re just starting out and you don’t have the money to spend on Mr. Green’s POF Ad Uploader then this is your solution. It takes a little bit more time to input your images and ad copies, but it creates the ads pretty quickly. You can input up to 10 different creatives and 10 different ad copies at a time.

DriftNet – $29.95

DriftNet is a FireFox add on and has a one-time cost of $29.95. This includes upgrades for life. The owner, Matt, is interested in any feedback you can give him so that he can improve his product. I even did a small review on DriftNet awhile back on my blog, which you can view below.

Driftnet – A 3rd Party POF Campaign Management Utility –

  1. Filter your campaigns by name and/or status.
  2. Sort your creatives by status, name, impressions delivered, clicks and CTR
  3. Generate a profit report for your campaigns that you track conversions on.
  4. Removes unneeded elements to maximize screen real estate.
  5. Displays the time in Vancouver to give you a heads up on if their team may or may not be in the office reviewing ads.

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