It’s always a great idea to work with people and to have some people to bounce ideas off. You don’t ever wanna give out all your campaign details because you can rest assured, somebody will steal them. All of the forums below are paid forums with monthly memberships. At one time or another I would recommend you to check out them all to make a judgment yourself.


These forums are ran by Mr. Green, StackThatMoney (obviously) and AffExpert. With this membership you also get access to AffExpert’s tools. That alone is worth the price of the forum. This forum has a ton of information and gives away a bunch of old campaigns from Mr. Green and StackThatMoney that made them both a significant amount of money. Between these three affiliates they’ve made over $10,000,000 in affiliate revenues. They even have follow along campaigns for prizes. With the best campaign, most transparency and information shared being the winner. I recently became a member again after letting my membership lapse for about 3 months and this forum is full of information. StackThatMoney will cost you $99/month, but it’s well worth it.

AffPlaybook (formerly PPVPlaybook)

I’ve been a member of AffPlaybook for almost a year now. The community over there is top notch. We have follow along campaigns. We do case studies together. People actually share legit information there and I definitely give it two thumbs up. AffPlaybook will cost you $67/month.


IMGrind costs $99/month. Once you’ve become an experienced publisher, you’ll want to join IMGrind. They are more focused on becoming an advertiser and turning your affiliate business into a long-term business. If that’s something you’re interested in, become a member. It was some of the best money I spent as an affiliate, but it’s just not something I’m ready to do, yet. They also have forums for paid traffic that are useful, but not nearly the content of AffPlaybook or StackThatMoney.

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