Before you setup tracking you need to figure out who you’re going to use as your hosting provider. You can start out with a shared hosting plan on HostGator for less than $8/month, or you can do it right the first time and get a Dedicated Server or VPS from LiquidWeb or BeyondHosting. You can read about me not listening to the advice I just provided you by checking out my blog post on my server crashing from too much volume, twice.


If you want to setup your server right the first time, get a dedicated server from LiquidWeb. Their dedicated servers start at $189/month and their VPS servers start at $60/month. I’ve sent 80k clicks/day to my dedicated server and it hasn’t even hiccuped. Their support has always been extremely quick and helpful when I needed it. I literally, cannot complain about the last two years I’ve been with LiquidWeb.

Beyond Hosting

Beyond Hosting is the preferred host by the Prosper202 team. Their servers come preinstalled with Prosper202 and are optimized specifically for hosting Prosper202. Their VPS setups start at $29/month and their dedicated servers start at $169/month. Beyond Hosting handles all of the upgrades and code fixes, and even offers basic support, all free of charge. They even have guys running 4 million clicks per hour on one of their setups.


If you’re on a shoestring budget and every dollar matters you can get away with shared hosting at HostGator for $8/month. You can safely run a couple thousand clicks per day to one of these servers, but HostGator will get onto you eventually. If you decide to go this route you only have yourself to blame when you experience downtime and/or HostGator takes your site down. It’s also a pain to get Prosper202 setup on HostGator.

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