Before you ever think about creating an ad on POF, you absolutely must setup your tracking solution. There are number of tracking solutions available. You’ll want to make sure you’re tracking your campaigns properly. You’ll want as much granularity in your tracking as possible. You’ll want to know which creative, which headline and which description converts for every single conversion. Luckily, POF makes your life a little easier and allows you to pass back the CreativeID tag that I discuss on the ad copy page.


Prosper202 is the free, open souce, self-hosted, standard when it comes to tracking affiliate campaigns. Most affiliates use this off the shelf setup as it is very versatile and can handle a lot of volume. This is what I use. It’s very easy to get accustomed to. Just watch their tutorial videos on their site. It will show you how to setup an offer, landing page and how to retrieve your tracking links.


CPVLab is the preferred self-hosted platform for tracking ppv campaigns. It too is versatile and can track many different types of campaigns in a number of different ways, from direct linking, multiple landing page sequences, email opt ins and even email campaigns. This costs $297 for the first year and $147 for every year thereafter and is not open source.

Bevo Media

Bevo Media is a one stop shop affiliate marketing portal that consolidates pretty much everything an affiliate needs for their day to day activities. The Bevo Media interface includes a full keyword tracker, all of your network statistics and offers consolidated as if you were logged directly into your network, analytics consolidation, a full affiliate classroom, and campaign research tools. A self-hosted version is available.

POF Conversion Tracking

POF also provides their own conversion tracking solution. This isn’t meant to be used as a standalone tracking system. You will definitely want to place this pixel at your affiliate network. You can access their tracking pixels by logging into your POF account and clicking Conversion Report on the right hand side, right above your campaigns. You’re given an <iframe> and an <img> tracking pixel to choose from. If you need to use a secure pixel, just use https:// in place of http://. Placing this pixel will allow you to also see which ad copies and images converted.


  1. Hi There,
    Just a bit confusing about the tracking systems. Now I have 3 tracking systems, POF, Neverblue and Prosper202. How can I use them together? Where should I put their pixel code?
    What I did now is just put the postback url of Prosper202 to Neverblue. And put pixel code of POF to Prosper202(Traffic source). Is there anything else I should do to get them work?

    Thanks a lot.

    • rileypool says:

      That should work. If anything, just place POF's Pixel and your P202 Pixel on the Neverblue offer if you can't get the POF Pixel to fire from within P202.

  2. Any reason you don’t mention POFpro? I’m just starting out and decided to buy CPVlab which the guysat Beyond Hosting installed for me. Then I saw a trial for POFpro and had that installed but, to be honest, I don’t know if I need them both or just one. Or which might be better for PoF – I’m guessing POFpro would be but what do I know!

    If POFpro an option, it would be good to see it listed here as they do offer a month’s trial.

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