Hi, my name is Riley Pool.  I’ve been doing online advertising for three years years now and was able to supplement my income enough to quit my day job shortly thereafter.  I’ve been focusing most of my efforts these last few years on lead generation for the world’s largest online dating sites.  I’ve bought traffic from many outlets, but I’ve done some real specific testing using the Plenty of Fish self-serve advertising platform.

I first met the people behind Plenty of Fish at Affiliate Summit East 2009 in New York City. This was before their self-serve platform existed. At this time they only allowed media buys and this is one of the greatest opportunities I missed out on. Months and months later when I finally got around to contacting them to get something started, they told me the self-serve platform would be ready shortly and that they were no longer able to assist me with buying media directly on their website anymore.

You can find some of the older, public Plenty of Fish case studies I’ve done on I’ve done case studies testing the different effects your CPM bid would have on your ctr and conversion rates, usefulness of the session depth criteria and used their conversion tracking feature to find profitable criteria and to weed out non-converting targeting options, which POF users clicked on ads and which ones converted and quality of POF’s mobile inventory which, unfortunately, is no longer available.


  1. Hey Riley,
    I watched your demo on Mr. Green’s POF Uploader Tool. Can you tell me if the Tool can be used with 310×110 banner ads?
    Your help would be appreciated. I have emailed Lorenzo 3 times to no avail.

  2. Riley, have you updated the PoF Primer? It looks like it is at least 2 years old. Thanks for your response to my inquiry.

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