Account Functions

There are many account settings, features and functions on the POF advertisign platform. I’ll cover them all here and let you know what their purpose is.

Bulk Campaign Management

This feature from POF let’s you make changes to all your active campaigns in a single click. You can set all your active campaign’s budgets to a certain dollar figure, change all the bids in your active campaigns to a certain figure or you can increase or decrease all active campaign bids by a certain amount.

Account History

Recent Activity

This is simply your most recent campaign activity. If you’ve updated the settings on a campaign, uploaded new creatives or made changes to existing creatives it will be listed here.


This is just a list of changes that have been made to your account such as fundings to your account, company information being updated and payment information being updated.

Manage Funding


If you need to add money to your POF account, this is the simplest way to go about it. Make sure your card is saved in the Credit Card Registration section below, input the amount you want to add to your account and click Submit Funding.

Auto Replenish

If you’re getting the hang of POF and want to keep your account funded without having to manually input your payments, you can use this feature to automatically fund your account. Once your account reaches a certain threshold, you can choose how much money to fund your account with. If you need to make changes to these fields, just make your changes and click the Submit Funding button below. It won’t charge your account unless you’ve reached your threshold.

Credit Card Registration

Input the credit card details that you want to keep on file and use to fund your account. If you want to change your card, click the modify text and input the new details.


Invoices for your account are generated every month. These invoices will list your daily impressions, click counts and your amount spent. If you need to print these off for your recordkeeping or tax purposes, have at it!

Past Payments

This is just a list of the previous payments you’ve made to your account.

Manage Account

Your Information

This is just your account information they have on file for you. If you need to change your information or password, fill in the correct information and click Update Your Information.

Company Information

This is the information POF has on your company. If you need to update any of this information, just input the updated information and click Update Company Information

Manage Users

If you need for someone else to have access to your account you can add a new user by entering the new user’s information and clicking the Add/Modify User button. If you need to update a users information you follow the same process.

Email Notification Settings

Update which email notifications you receive from POF.


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  2. Ottoniel says:

    Running on POF, I see lots of clicks but I don’t see conversations at all, so, can I just import my campaigns her

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