POF Help & Support

Getting Started

This short 6 page guide gives you a quick run down of the POF Ad Platform and shows you how to manage your account, funding and get your first ad submitted for approval and even gives you a few tips on ad copy, their reporting features and targeting. It even has a short FAQ for their most frequently asked questions. If you’re new to the platform, this is a MUST READ!

Advertising Guidelines

These are the creative guidelines set by POF. If your creatives don’t comply with these guidelines you can bet it will be disapproved. POF is one of the most easy-going platforms to get your ads approved on so please, abide by the guidelines.


This help guide gives you a quick rundown on how to use the platform. It tells, in detail, how you create and edit your campaigns, how to upload creatives, the approval process, what won’t get approved and how to manage your account. If you’re new to POF, this is a quick 2 minute walk-through of the platform.


If you’re having any type of trouble with the POF advertising platform, you can start by creating a ticket for support. You can bet that POF will get your issue taken care of relatively quickly.

Contacting POF

If you’re having an issue that you need to talk to a rep about you’re more than welcome to contact Ben and/or Shannon at the email addresses below. They’re here to help and will provide you advice based on your campaign. They’ll also give you suggestions on what to do to get more volume, convert better and overall, have a better experience while advertising on POF.


Email: ben@pof.com


Email: shannon@pof.com


  1. I'm not sure how the getting started is a MUST READ! It really didn't tell me anything I couldn't figure out easily myself.

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