There are a number of reporting features available for you to use on POF. They will give you a ton of data to analyze and optimize your campaigns with. You have to place the POF tracking pixel for some of these reports to be useful, so be sure to do that.

Conversion Reports

Demographic/Conversion Breakdown aka Cross Tab Reports

This is by far, my favorite report available on POF. This will allow you to easily see which targeting criteria are converting and which ones aren’t. You can edit your campaign’s targeting based on this to increase your return on investment. I’ve done case studies showing you exactly how to do both of those.

POF Conversion Tracking for Profitability
POF Conversion Tracking to Weed Out Non-Converters

The awesome thing about this report is you can click any of the targeting criteria and it will exclude those clicks from the rest of the report. You can only exclude one targeting criteria from each category, but you can exclude as many categories as you would like. You can reset the clicks by clicking the link at the bottom right of the report.

At the bottom of the page you’ll be given a Conversion Breakdown by targeting criteria. It will show you which criteria are responsible for how many conversions and how well they converted in a percent format. Criteria with less than 5 conversions will be on the right side. This information is golden!

Profit Report

Only available with the use of DriftNet. This report will break down the stats for each campaign. It will display your spend, impressions, clicks, ctr, cpc, conversions, profit and the number of conversions that came from each gender and age range. Of course, to get this report to run correctly, you will have needed to place the POF Conversion Pixel and filled out the conversion value on the campaign settings page. I’ve included a screenshot of some stats below.

Combined Reports

Most of the available POF reports are accessible from this page.

General Reporting

There are a number of reports available to you to help analyze the delivery and conversions by demographics per campaign and spend per creative and campaign.

Campaign Demographic Distribution

This will break down the distribution of impressions per gender and age range. It will also break down the distribution of clicks per gender and age range.

Daily Creative Delivery

This will give you a report of each creative’s spend for every day you decided to run the report for.

Spend Breakdown by Campaigns

This is simply how much you spent on every campaign for the entire range of the dates you input on the previous page.

Total Spend History

This is the total amount you spent per day for the days you ran the report for.

Conversion Tracking Report

This will give you a breakdown of impressions, clicks and conversions per campaign for the date range you ran the report on. It will even show the distrubtion of conversions per gender and age range.

Clicking the campaign will take you to your campaign setting page. Clicking the number of clicks takes you to the Demographic Breakdown, which I discussed in detail above. If your conversion value is Unknown, you can click the link and enter it in your campaign settings.

Campaign Specific Reporting

If you’re looking to run a report on one campaign only, start by typing the name in the box and everything that matches your query will start to appear. Choose which campaign you want to run the report on. Then you have to decide if you want to see stats on creatives or impressions and whether you want the results broken down by day or hour.

The creatives report by day will give you a daily breakdown of impressions delivered per creative, how many clicks it received, its ctr, how much you spent per creative and your cpc per creative. Likewise the creatives report by hour will give you the same data, broken down by hour.

The impressions report by day will give you a daily breakdown of impressions delivered, the number of conversions, clicks, ctr, cost, cpc and cpm for the days you selected. Similarly, the impressions report by hour will give you the same data, broken down by hour.

Ad & Image Report

This report is pretty awesome if you’re split testing creatives, headlines and descriptions. This report will show you how many total impressions, clicks and the ctr that particular creative, headline or description received.

The only drawback to this report is that it combines stats from the same creative across all your campaigns. Of course, one creative will convert differently when it is targeting 18-24 year old males looking for an intimate encounter and that same creative is used in another campaign targeting 35-39 year old single dads. Same goes for headlines and descriptions, but I highly suggest against using the same ad copy for different campaigns since your targeting will likely be different, unless you’re scaling a campaign.

Partial Click Log

This report is only available if your campaign has more than 1000 total clicks. If you go to your campaign page you can click the Download Partial Click Log link above your ads, on the right hand side by the Thumbnails drop down box.

This is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a partial log of the clicks you’ve received for this campaign. The spreadsheet header includes the following fields, ad name, age, has car, gender, height, body, hair color, search type, marital status, have children, want children, smoke, drink, income, country, religion, education, intent and converted. If you’re interested to see what one looks like, with actual data, you can download one of my partial click logs.

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