I’m gonna try and gather all the useful blog posts that concern POF, including case studies, bidding strategies, campaign ideas and any other tips and tricks that are useful when advertising on POF. I’m split them up between posts that I’ve done myself and the posts that other people have blogged.

Case Studies

These are all case studies that I’ve done personally. I spent at least $500 on every single case study so that I would make sure I received statistically significant data. Only a couple case studies were profitable, but their purpose is to convey the strategy I used in trying to find a profitable campaign. The case studies below are listed in chronological order.

  • CPM Bid Effects – This case study does a test to figure out what effect your cpm bid has on the amount of impressions you receive, the ctr you get and the conversion rate.
  • Session Depth – Again, we compare the amount of impressions you receive, the ctr you get and the conversion rate by targeting different session depths. We grouped session depths into groups of 10.
  • POF Conversion Tracking for Profitability – I placed the new, at that time, POF tracking pixel on the offer I was running so I could determine which targeting criteria were converting for me. I then built out separate campaigns targeting only that specific criteria in hopes of creating a profitable campaign.
  • POF Conversion Tracking to Weed out Non-Converters – Again, I placed the POF tracking pixel and did the opposite, I excluded the targeting criteria that weren’t converting.
  • POF Ads Clicked – Who Clicks? Who Converts? – POF had just came out with a new targeting criteria called Ads Clicked. There were three values I could test 0-4, 5-19 and 20+. I had a theory that people who have clicked 20+ ads do not convert very well, so I tested this theory.
  • WAP & IAB Traffic on POF – POF again debuted a new feature. You could advertise to their mobile users. Someone suggested to me that I should test this traffic out using the IAB banners, so I took their advice. I give away the final, profitable campaigns that I created, including my best creatives that had a ctr’s higher than 1%.
  • POF Login Counts – After testing session depths, I was always curious how the different login counts would affect my impressions, ctr and conversion rate. I split the login counts up in groups of 50.
  • Session Depth (Revisited) – Since quite some time had passed since my original case study on session depths, I wanted to revisit this criteria and then break it down further. I again, split it up into groups of 10 to see how they would effect impressions, ctr and conversion rate. I then split the first 20 session depths into groups of 5 to get an even better idea of the effect on impressions, ctr and conversion rate.
  • Split testing Browsers – I’ve always had this notion, along with others I’m sure, that Mac users are supposed to be more sophisticated and Windows users are stupid (I’m a Win7 fanatic). So I decided to split test the most popular browsers, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

External Case Studies

If you liked the case studies I did, check out all these case studies done by other people. There are numerous case studies, along with a handful of campaigns that people gave away and even a 4-figure non-dating campaign that was ran on POF.

Further Research

We’re gonna cover everything else related to POF that’s not a case study. I’ll provide you with links to demographic tools on POF, scrapers and other tools that are useful while you’re advertising on POF.

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