POF Conversion Tracking to Weed out Non-Converters

POF Conversion Tracking to Weed out Non-Converters – Preview

I was looking back over some of my previous POF case studies in preparation for a new campaign I wanted to test out on POF and decided to start a new case study. It will be extremely similar to the previous case study where I used POF’s Conversion Tracking Pixel to find out which users converted. Except this time I’m going to figure out who doesn’t convert and make sure those users aren’t included in my next round of testing.

I’ve decided to use True.com from RevenueAds. It’s an offer that has performed very well for me in the past on multiple traffic sources.

Since this offer accepts 18-24 year old traffic, I’m going to target single, divorced, widowed and separated males who are 18-24. I’m not going to split test which ad copy converts the best. I’m trying to weed out people on POF that do not convert. So I’m going to go with the ad copy that has worked the best for me in my previous two POF case studies. The headline will be “Want a Girlfriend?” The body will be, “Single women in {state:your state} are looking for guys. Sign up and meet them tonight!” I’m also only targeting users who have a Login Count between 1 and 50. The images I’m going to use are ones that have proven to garner a high CTR for me.

POF Conversion Tracking to Weed out Non-Converters – Phase 2

Well, this is definitely a case study my readers will appreciate and one that turned out very well.

I spent $260 just getting traffic for this campaign so I would be able to exclude certain, non-performing targeting criteria. I forgot to include in my original post that I was bidding 40c to get traffic, but I only received $10 worth of traffic. So I increased my bid to 50c to get traffic and I only spent $17 that day. Again, I increased my bid to 55c to get the traffic and I spent $38 that day and hit my campaign limit of $50 the next day so I let that bid ride out through the end of the campaign. The frequency cap was set to the default of 5 except for the last two days of the campaign, I changed it down to 3.

Below you will find tables that include the overall campaign results, the demographic breakdown and the conversion breakdown.

Campaign Stats
Spent $261.37
Clicks 1059
CPC $0.2468
CTR 0.218%
Conversions 149
Conversion Rate 14.069%
Revenue $484.25
Profit/Loss $222.88

I’ve included a spreadsheet of the targeting criteria including the number of clicks, conversions and conversion ratios that you can download here. I’m going to exclude the following targeting criteria because either the conversion percentage was below average or the traffic was minimal. These criteria are also in bold on the spreadsheet.

  • Body Type – Big & Tall/BBW
  • Drinking – Often
  • Education – Associates Degree, Bachelors Degree, Graduate Degree and Masters Degree
  • Income – 75,0001 – 100,000, 100,001 – 150,000 and 150,000+
  • Intent – Putting in serious effort to find someone
  • Marital Status – Divorced and Separated (targeting Singles only)
  • Relationship (Search Type) – Activity Partner, Intimate Encounter and Talk/Email

The following criteria would’ve been eliminated, but I’m not given the ability to exclude these in the targeting on POF. These criteria are also highlighted in grey on the spreadsheet.

  • Drinking – NA
  • Intent – NA

POF Conversion Tracking to Weed out Non-Converters – Results

Sorry it took me quite some time to post this follow up post, but it was quite a bit tougher to get traffic. After hearing a couple people tell me they were seeing the same exact ad copy on POF, I’m assuming that a number of affiliates copied my campaign and tried to make some money, and I hope many of you were able to! I always like helping out new affiliates looking for their first breakthrough campaign.

This campaign was an exact copy from the details above, including images, except for the targeting criteria I excluded as described. I ran this campaign from October 28th – November 8th and was only able to spend about $20-$25/day although my budget was set to $50/day. I also assume this was from increased competition, but it may have very well been that there was less traffic available due to the targeting criteria I excluded, or a combination of both. There’s really no way to tell, unless I was to change the targeting mid-campaign and I didn’t want to jeopardize the integrity of the results of this case study.

Campaign Stats
Spent $265.43
Clicks 1043
CPC $0.2545
CTR 0.216%
Conversions 150
Conversion Rate 14.190%
Revenue $486.30
Profit/Loss $220.87

In comparing my results from the first phase, the results are almost identical. There were minute changes across the board, but typically you would expect the numbers to taper off pretty quickly, which is something you commonly see on PlentyOfFish. As you can see this campaign was running strong for a total of three weeks.

I’ve decided to include an available download of my conversion breakdown spreadsheet if you’re interested in that again. Other than that, I’m not really sure what data you, my readers, would like to see. If you have any requests or questions, please make a comment and I’ll post whatever you’re interested in.

If you were looking to scale this campaign for extra profit, you might want to try targeting users with a Login Count between 50-100 and/or try using the IAB placements and the new 310×110 placements!

Disclaimer: this POF Case Study has been copied and pasted from my blog at RileyPool.com where I originally did this POF case study. This case study was done during October 2010.

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