POF Login Counts

POF Login Counts

After running the session depth (revisited) case study, I was really interested in testing out Login Counts on POF to see what kind of results I would have.

As usual, I setup my separate campaigns with identical targeting, except for the login counts, which I split up in increments of 50. I used the same ad copy that I have used in most of my POF case studies and the rest of the campaign details are similar as well.

Campaign Details
  • Title: Want a Girlfriend?
  • Description: Single women in {state:your state} are looking for guys. Sign up and meet them tonight!
  • Frequency Cap: 3
  • Distribution: Evenly
  • Bid: $0.55
  • Daily Budget: $25
  • Country = United States
  • Age Between 18, 24
  • Gender = Male
  • Login Count ≤ 50, Between 50-100, Between 100-150 and Between 150-200
  • Marital Status = Single, Divorced, Widowed, Separated
  • Session Depth Between 1, 20
  • Browser Type ≠ Android, iPhone
  • Ads Clicked ≠ 20+
Campaign Impressions Clicks CTR Conv’s Conv. Ratio Cost Revenue
Login Count 1-50 264,299 637 0.241% 36 5.49% $145.36 $135.35
Login Count 50-100 261,566 371 0.142% 18 6.84% $143.86 $67.50
Login Count 100-150 261,095 350 0.134% 13 5.1% $143.60 $48.75
Login Count 150-200 260,864 338 0.130% 14 5.47% $143.48 $52.50

With the results of this case study you can see why everybody targets Login Counts ≤ 50. For what it’s worth, I left the bids at $0.55 for the duration of the campaign to maintain the integrity of the results. I wish I would’ve lowered my CPM on the higher login counts to try and make up for the decreased CTRs as I think there is definitely potential at login counts ≥ 50.

Knowing what I know now, I wish I would have tested all the different login counts, especially login counts above 600. When I setup this case study, I wasn’t aware so much traffic was available at login counts that high. Maybe one day I’ll create another case study to do exactly that.

Disclaimer: this POF Case Study was done during May 2011.


  1. Hi,
    I noticed the ROI is negative in each of the campaign examples shown above. After running over 40 POF campaigns recently, I have had the same results. I am beginning to wonder if any real money can be made on POF. I find conversions with the dating offers I have promoted to be few and far between. Do you think POF is a traffic source saturated with marketers doing much of the same stuff?
    Thanks for your help

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