Split testing Browsers

Split testing Browsers – Preview

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had this conception that Windows or IE users are typically the dumb people on the Internet while the FireFox and Chrome crowds are more tech savy. I have always assumed that Mac and Safari users also tend to be more intelligent than your typical Windows user. I’ve always wanted to know if browser will play a role in conversion numbers, so I decided to split test them.

I setup four different campaigns with identical targeting. The only difference between campaigns will be the Browser criteria will specifically target Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari on their respective campaigns. I’ve included the ad copy, frequency, distribution, bid, daily budget and targeting for these campaigns below. I’m using creatives that have performed well for me in the past and a bunch of new creatives that I think have a bunch of potential. I’m sending the users to Adsimilis, who has the Mate1 offer that accepts Males aged 21+.

Campaign Details
  • Headline: Want a Girlfriend?
  • Description: Are you {age:21-24} & SINGLE? Do you live in {STATE:YOUR STATE}? Sign up today to meet NEW GIRLS!
  • Frequency Cap: 3 per visit
  • Distribution: Evenly
  • Bid: $0.64
  • Country = United States
  • Age Between 21, 24
  • Gender = Male
  • Login Count ≤ 50
  • Marital Status = Separated, Widowed, Divorced or Single
  • Session Depth ≤ 20
  • Ads Clicked ≠ 20+
  • Browser Type = Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari

Split testing Browsers – Results

I ran about 150 clicks to Mate1 and didn’t get any conversions. So I ended up switching over to True.com on EWA. I also raised my bid to $0.82 about 10pm on Saturday night. As the campaign ran, I would get rid of creatives that had less than 0.1% CTR.

Browser Spent Impressions CTR Clicks Leads Conv. Rate Revenue Net
Chrome $153.21 196.062 0.130% 241 24 8.30% $63.00 ($90.21)
Firefox $154.81 198,314 0.135% 264 22 8.33% $69.30 ($85.51)
Internet Explorer $172.33 221,824 0.143% 299 38 12.71% $119.70 ($52.63)
Safari $71.28 91,366 0.106% 87 8 9.20% $25.20 ($46.08)

As you can see from the results above, my suspicions ended up being right for once. Internet Explorer users clicked more often and converted 39% more often than the mean (average) of the rest of the campaigns. What surprised me were that Chrome and Firefox users had extremely similar CTR’s and converted almost identically. There was very little data for Safari users, so it’s hard to judge using the data I received. But I expected a lower CTR, but they appear to convert better than Chrome and Firefox users.

If you’re having a hard time finding profitability, you might wanna include browser targeting in your campaigns to see if it helps your ROI.

I’m currently working on this case study. If you bought this membership and I haven’t posted the results, you can be guaranteed that I will email out a reminder to let you know once the case study has been completed.

Disclaimer: this POF Case Study was done during December 2011.


  1. Jonathan says:

    Riley; Are you using lander when testing these offers?

  2. Is there a particular reason why you used: Ads Clicked ≠ 20+

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