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I know the links below are for external sites, but instead of copy and pasting the content, I decided to provide a link to the original post and give credit where it’s due. Even though I didn’t perform these case studies, I’ve read every word on every one of these case studies and I do beleive it will be beneficial for you to read and take away what you will from the different case studies. The content contained in these posts are worth your time to read. I’ll also try to detail what each case study is about.

Mr. Green’s Case Studies

Plenty Of Fish – New Ad Case Study And Some

With the new 310×110 placements debuting on the POF platform, you can be assured the top affiliates would test this pretty quickly. Mr. Green’s case study is quite interesting and gives me a couple ideas I’m going to try with the new placements. He also proves that it is possible to promote something other than dating on POF and be profitable.

Headline Case Study Results – Tasty Conversion Data

Mr. Green does a case study that focuses on the wording of the heading. Very interesting stuff here and something I’ve tested myself with the same results.

Plenty Of Fish Case Study – Crazy Eye Results

You can always count on Mr. Green doing some kind of weird case study. This one has to do with the position of eyes and how crazy you can make the person look and if the person looking at the call to action makes a difference. You’ll be surprised at the results.

Banner Ads Fight (Part 2 – Results)

Mr. Green tested the 110×80 placements versus the 728×90 placements. He also tested different things you can do with the 728×90 banner placements, such as including two different ads within them and one banner that includes animation. I touched on this idea in the Creatives section. You’ll want to split test this in your campaigns.

97% of Marketers Were Wrong. (Button Shape Case Study)

In this case study Mr. Green tested out many different shapes and styles of buttons you can use. The title of this case study says it all.

Case Study Results – 92% Of Marketers Guessed Wrong

Again, Mr. Green is using the 728×90 placements for a case study. He tested between different ad copy, different color text and animated versus static banners.

Other Case Studies

Social Ad Image Testing – Case Study (Part 2)

Bil over at Z6Evolved.com did a case study where he used all kinds of different effects on an image and did a split test to figure out which effect had the best results in terms of ctr and conversion rate.

The Results Are In – What Color Performs Best with Dating Ads?

Justin Dupre did a split test with creatives with different color borders. It may surprise you to see his results. This case study also helps validate some of the stats that Bil’s Social Ad Image Testing case study received.

How I made 4 figures with Ecig on POF, and btw I’ll give you my campaign

Morgan, aka HeavyT from WallOfMonitors.com shows us that making a lot of money on non-dating campaign on POF is possible. He promoted an eCigarette offer and informs you how he setup the campaign and did his testing.

How I made 4 figures with A4d, POF, and car insurance leads

Again, HeavyT supplies us with a non-dating campaign that resulted in over $20,000 in revenue that he ran using the POF platform. He used some pretty ingenious creatives in this campaign.

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