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POF Scraper

AffExpert.com has a huge list of tools for you to use. The most useful one for us is a POF Scraper. They have a handful of different profiles for you to choose from with both, male and female accounts aged 18 – 43 and even a Canadian account to scrape ads with.

POF Demograhpics

You can search for keywords that are mentioned on user profiles. If you have a niche offer that’s not already included in POF’s targeting features, this will give you an idea of the demographic you should start split testing.

The results will look something like this for most user attributes. What this is telling you is that POF expects a certain number of users to have this on their profile, hence the expected 100%. The other percentage displayed is the actual number of users that have that keyword in their profile. For the sample data we’re going to use as an example, I’ve included the results I received when searching for soccer. For your reference I’ve included some of the data below. Let’s say POF expected 10,000 people to include it on their profiles and in reality 11,723 (1.1723x) males and only 7436 (0.7436x) females included this keyword on their profile.

Male: 117.23% (expected is 100%)
Female: 74.36% (expected is 100%)
18-24: 153.68% (expected is 100%)
25-34: 108.81% (expected is 100%)
35-44: 56.79% (expected is 100%)
45-54: 31.70% (expected is 100%)
55-64: 11.97% (expected is 100%)
65+: 31.82% (expected is 100%)
Income not specified: 100% (expected is 100%)
Less than $25,000: 98.15% (expected is 100%)
$25,001 – $35,000: 87.77% (expected is 100%)
$35,001 – $50,000: 106.96% (expected is 100%)
$50,001 – $75,000: 112.00% (expected is 100%)
$75,001 – $100,000: 95.61% (expected is 100%)
$100,001 – $150,000: 111.72% (expected is 100%)
$150,001+: 84.85% (expected is 100%)

It’s in your best interest to run this search multiple times to make sure the data you received isn’t an anomaly since this only does a test on some profiles and not all of them.


Blog Posts from POF

Here’s a collection of posts made by the team over at POF that are especially useful when advertising on the POF platform. They are listed in chronological order.

Plenty of Tricks, Tactics and Opportunities

This is post by the POF team that covers a lot of basic information, but is still very relevant. They discuss split testing different offers at different networks, calling out your user by using their dynamic insertion tags, branding, bidding and placement advice, how to regularly rotate your creatives to avoid burnout, not to avoid optimizing creatives and how to use their Cross Tab Reports to optimize your targeting.

$TRAFFIC$: Where is it CHEAPEST on POF?

This was a post made on March 21, 2011 that details the demographics where POF’s cheapest inventory remains. If you ask me, I would be willing to be that this list is still pretty accurate. It seems like they have a lot of unsold inventory in Canada and the United Kingdom that you can take advantage of.

Dude, Where’s My Volume? (Part 1: Basics)

If you’re not getting the volume you want on your campaign, this is a good post to review. Ben discusses why your targeting may be too tight, your bid too low, if you’re using enough banner placements and how your frequency cap could be hurting you.

Dude, Where’s My Volume? (Part 2: Putting it all Together + BIG LOG-IN COUNT TIP)

Ben breaks down even further the issues he previously discussed that could be holding your campaign back from getting serious volume. This time he goes into more detail on how to target, or segment, your campaigns, another strategy on how to bid properly, lets you know where most of the volume is in regards to the different placements on POF and how to properly test frequency cap.

Extend the life of your POF campaigns with 1 ELITE trick.

Ben discusses a trick to help keep your revenues high for certain campaigns by using a trick they call the login count break. In a nutshell, you would run your a campaign targeting login counts of 1-50 and a separate campaign targeting login counts of 100-150. This would give the users with login counts of 50-100 a break from seeing your ads.

Shannon’s Maiden Guide on How to Advertise to Women (PART 1)

If you’re having a tough time getting women to convert on POF, this is a must read. The newest addition to POF’s team, Shannon, lets you know what women are looking for when it comes to the dating scene. She discusses how to personalize a woman’s experience, how you should be giving her choices and how to make women feel important. Shannon has also included some results from a survey done by Web Ad.Vantage about the advertising experience for a woman.

Shannon’s Maiden Guide on How to Advertise to Women (PART 2)

If you’re still having trouble turning a postiive ROI when targeting women, fear no more. Shannon has again delivered quality advice. She covers advice on how to catch a woman’s attention as soon as possible, how to keep a woman guessing and finally how to keep your ad copy relevant to the times. She stresses the importance of ad copy in this post because women are more likely to read the ad copy.

How to Properly test a Large # of Creatives on a Budget

If you’re the type of person who likes to test a lot of images, Ben breaks down how you should be testing your creatives properly. There’s some good advice in here to spread out your testing costs if you plan on testing lots of creatives.


Posts from around the Industry

This is just a collection of blog posts I’ve found across the Internet that would be beneficial for you to read. They are listed in no particular order.

Mr. Green’s 1 Penny Tip

Mr. Green starts off by showing you a compelling breakdown of bids for UK traffic. He then tells you what you can do to get more traffic than most of your competitors by bidding only 1 penny more than they are.

Plenty of Fish. Plenty of Money (Part 1)

Mr. Green breaks down the traffic and the demographics of POF and addresses the POF Demographic Tool I mentioned at the top of this page.

Plenty of Fish. Plenty of Money (Part 2)

Mr. Green dives further into POF and tells you why its possible to make a killing using the POF advertising platform.

Finch Sells – Premium Posts

Volume 1 of Finch’s Premium Posts is titled Plentyoffish still turning Plenty of Profit and rightfully so. I purchased a copy of this myself for $27.95 and I must admit, it’s full of awesome content. It’s definitely worth a read, even if you’re already an experienced affiliate on POF.

Affiliate Marketing Quick Tips # 1 – PoF Session Depth and Login Count

Justin talks about how you can use login count to your advantage to make sure your ads are constantly being seen by new eyes. By drawing the user in and singling them out, specifically by targeting higher login counts and customizing your ad copy. It’s a great idea and is worth testing.

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